Why Won’t My Thigh High Socks Stay Up?

The burning question all of our voluptuous thighed ladies want to know:
How do I keep my thigh high socks up?

As the number one resource for plus-size queens seeking thigh high socks, we want nothing more than to surpass your expectations. Every pair should be an unforgettable experience of self-expression.

Despite our efforts to suggest the tools you need to succeed during your purchase, most of us still believe they are designed to stay up without help.

Let’s debunk this myth once and for all.

Thigh high socks don’t come with a disclaimer, leading to disappointment.

We’ve all been here before…

Today is the day your thigh high socks arrive, and you can’t wait to rock them!
You rip through the packaging and slide those bad boys up your juicy legs. Love at first sight!  But before you snap your first pic, you look down and notice that your thigh highs have dipped below your knees. * Enter the wave of disappointment. *

You know that your socks fit perfectly, so why didn’t they stay up like all the pictures online?

The Reason Why your Thigh Highs Won’t Stay Up.

In one word: gravity. The cold hard truth is that thigh high socks won’t stay up on their own. They might rest right where you want them to for a moment, but they won’t stay there without the proper tools.

The amount of friction between your thighs will help gravity take your socks from over to under the knee. The type of activity you perform while wearing them can also work in favor of gravity. For those of us WFH, repeatedly sitting and standing gives gravity the advantage it needs to win.

So, repeat after me – “it’s not me, it's not the socks... it’s gravity!

How to Keep your Thigh High Socks from Falling Down.

Now that you know gravity is to blame let’s talk about the tools you need to effectively stop gravity in its tracks.

Thigh Belt

This sexy little belt is what most of our curvy queens use to keep their socks in place. Our thigh belt is easy to slide on, adjusts up to 41.5 inches, and is 100% reusable. We strongly suggest using a belt because it’s a one-time purchase that doesn’t need replenishing.

Body Adhesive

A tried-and-true method that is easy to do is adhesive. Ask any cosplayer what they use to keep their costumes in check, and you’ll hear a resounding response in favor of body adhesive. Hold Up Body Adhesive is easy to use, easy to remove, and won’t stain your clothes. It’s also made of all the good stuff, making it gentle for sensitive skin too.


If your winters and falls are cold, adding a layer under your thigh high socks might be the best thing since sliced bread. Choose your layer options carefully, as shiny fabrics will make your socks slip and slide. Aim for cotton leggings, a pair of tights or even a pair of fishnets to provide the traction your socks need
to stay in place.

Thunda Thighs offers a belt and body adhesive to make your thigh high sock dreams come true! Check out our selection of thick-thighs-only socks and bonified slip-proof tools here.

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