Waist Garter Trial


Let's talk about it babes... You LOVE your new thigh highs, but for SOME of you, they just won’t stay put... Let's get one thing clear - Thigh High socks not staying up is a common issue that can be experienced by all leg sizes - this is not a “big girl or thick thigh problem” Smaller legs have been battling these issues for decades. We’re just part of the game now - WELCOME!!! 

We’ve waited too long for socks to finally fit our thighs, so if you're unable to wear your socks then all of our hard work would have been pointless. We care about this issue and take solving it very seriously. 

We’ve given you thigh belts, sock glue and NOW we’ve designed a waist garter, as beautifully seen on our girl @vonbuxaplenty (Oh how we LOVE her).

We want to make sure we did this right, so we are giving away 50 Waist garters for FREE, so you can do some product testing for us.



You are eligible to receive a free waist garter if you’ve previously purchased a pair of our socks. Just click the link to our questionnaire and answer all of the questions. You'll receive an email if you’ve been chosen.  

Remember - Thunda Thighs will NEVER make claims that our socks don't roll everyone's experience with our thigh highs is different. BUT it will always be our mission to find more solutions to combat rolling issues for ALL thighs.

We love you guys so much. Drop us an email if you have any questions.